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This week's edition of "Today's Air Force" focuses on Air Force deployments and ways to better prepare for them. The previous system was based on four-month deployments with some Airmen deploying earlier and longer than expected. The new Air and Space Expeditionary Force system splits the force into five tempo-based bands. Deployment schedule and length will vary depending on an Airman's career field.

And it is summer time, and this means the 101 Critical Days of Summer campaign. Learn how to stay safe during the hottest months of the year. 

Finally, see how the Air Force is leading the way in the search for alternative energy, investigating a more economical source of power for the future: synthetic fuel.

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This week's line-up includes:

     Deployment Banding System
     Military and Family Life Consultant
     Deployed Mother
     High School Graduation
     Deployed Families

     101 Critical Days of Summer
     Hearing Safety
     Seatbelt Safety
     Town Patrol
     Project Graduation
     Tobacco in The Air Force

     Synthetic Fuel
     Hydrogen Forklift
     Hydrogen Power 

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