Airmen invited to 'Do Something Amazing'

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  • By Maj. Sean McKenna
  • Air Force Recruiting Service Public Affairs
As part of the "Do Something Amazing" national advertising campaign, Air Force officials are offering Airmen the opportunity to submit videos showing Air Force members in action, and the best videos will be posted to the official Web site -- 

To submit a video for consideration, Airmen simply have to click on the Web site, register, then upload the video. 

"In the spirit of the ad campaign, we want to give everyone across the Air Force the chance to show off their skills to the public," said Master Sgt. Deshan Woods, the Air Force Recruiting Service's interactive account executive. "This effort falls right in line with amazing videos we see every day across the Internet." 

The next round of "Do Something Amazing" videos are slated for public release this fall and the best videos submitted will be featured as part of the campaign. Air Force Recruiting Service members and its advertising agency will work with individuals and their respective public affairs offices to ensure the highest quality product is posted. 

Some things to keep in mind as videos are being made: 

-- Send your amazing footage/stories.
-- Show what you do and tell why it's amazing.
-- Tell your name, rank and job.
-- Hold on to all your footage just in case more is needed. 
-- Review the submission guidelines on the web site. 
-- Find out who your base public affairs officer is before registering. 

-- Send videos with a soundtrack or background music (though suggestions are welcome). 
-- Send videos of non-Air Force activities. 
-- Send videos that violate Air Force code of ethics standards. 

Submission guidelines
-- Quantity: There is no limit to the number of videos you can upload.
-- File Size: Videos should be no larger than 40mb.
-- Dimensions: The minimum video dimensions acceptable are 640 x 480.
-- Format: Acceptable video formats are QuickTime, MPEG1, MPEG4, Windows Media and AVI.

Preferred specifications 
-- Windows Media Video 9. Total bit rate of 700 kbps at 480 x 360. 
-- QuickTime (MPEG4 h.264 codec). Total bit rate of 700 kbps at 480 x 360.

Copyright infringement
Avoid filming anything that could be construed as copyright infringement. This includes, but is not limited to: 
-- Background music.
-- Visible logos. 
-- Endorsing a product.
-- Using any video footage that does not belong to you. 

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