First Air Force Combat Action Medals to be presented

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The Air Force chief of staff is scheduled to present the first Air Force Combat Action Medals to six Airmen during an 8 a.m. ceremony June 12 at the Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Va. 

Gen. T. Michael Moseley will award the new medals to recognize Air Force members who were engaged in air or ground combat "outside the wire" in a combat zone. 

The Air Force Combat Action Medal is also awarded to members who were under direct and hostile fire, or who personally engaged hostile forces with direct and lethal fire.

"Through an evolution of Air Force warfighting roles, more Airmen are finding themselves involved in combat actions. Some have earned awards from other services to reflect this, but Airmen should wear Air Force awards on Air Force uniforms," General Moseley said.

The design of the new medal was inspired by a personal insignia Brig. Gen. William "Billy" Mitchell had painted on the aircraft that he flew over the St. Mihiel while developing his plans for what would be the first major American offensive in World War I. General Mitchell was one of the military's earliest advocates of Air Power. Members of General Mitchell's family will also take part in the ceremony.

In conjunction with the Army Institute of Heraldry, the medal was designed by Susan Gamble, a professional artist and Master Designer for the U.S. Mint -- and the wife of Col. Mike Gamble.

The ceremony is open to the public. 

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