Bulgarians learn deployment how-tos during Ramstein visit

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  • By Airman 1st Class Mara Title
  • Det. 4, Air Force News Agency
Strengthening U.S. Air Force ties with other air forces improves capabilities for the allies involved. This was illustrated when three Bulgarian air force officers, Col. Marin Natchev, Col. Evgeni Belkinov, and Lt. Col. Dimitar Ivanov, visited here to learn more about the deployment process.

The Bulgarian air force is setting up its expeditionary units, and officials wanted to see how the U.S. Air Force prepares and trains its troops before their deployments.

After a briefing on the structure of Ramstein Air Base, the visitors were escorted to various detachments. They observed how aerial delivery platforms are loaded onto C-130 Hercules out on the flightline, and how parachutes are patched, hung to dry and packed.

"In perspective of the years to come, I'm pretty sure that the number of joint exercises with the U.S. Air Force will be more and more," said Colonel Natchev, the chief of training and employment of air forces.

The officers were keen to learn, as they asked many questions, and listened intently to their escorts. Their efforts were driven toward heading home and making their own air force stronger.

The friendship that has developed between the Bulgarians and the United States has brought with it a willingness to help each other.

"I can say only good words for the people who organized the visit. All American officers and NCO's in charge, building up the itinerary for us, preparing the briefings, were so kind, and I really want to say, 'Thank you,' to all of them," Colonel Natchev said.

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