AFSO 21 interests Royal Air Force

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  • By Airman Mindy Bloem
  • 43rd Airlift Wing Public Affairs
Two Royal Air Force members became more acquainted with Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st century during an April 20 visit to Pope Air Force Base. 

"The visit has been very impressive and has helped us learn more about AFSO 21," said Air Vice Marshall Peter Dye, the director of transformation for the RAF. 

"It's impressive to see what people are capable of with the right leadership," said British Air Commodore Doug Gale, head of delivery on the RAF transformation program. "A person can improve an organization by being supportive and helping to shape it into a good environment. Sometimes an organization and the processes involved in that organization seem to conspire together to limit the individual. AFSO 21 takes away those barriers." 

The RAF has a similar program, and the British officers came to North Carolina to hear how AFSO 21 is working on Pope AFB from Col. Timothy Zadalis, the 43rd Airlift Wing commander.  

"We came to listen and to learn," Air Commodore Gale said. "We want to understand what the challenges are, as well as the benefits and opportunities. Because there is a link between the Air Force's direction and our direction, we can help each other by sharing common goals and ambitions.

"The benefit of working together helps our defense capabilities to be as effective as possible," Air Commodore Gale said. Because the challenges faced are similar, the solutions will be the same. 

"The challenge is to recognize that we are not islands," Air Vice Marshall Dye said. "We need to help each other to develop a broader program, which will contribute cross communication to other areas." 

"The heart of the program is your leadership," Air Commodore Gale said. "The program is multi-faceted with dedicated personnel. I am sure it will continue to improve, and we look forward to helping each other by sharing our similar objectives." 

"It was wonderful to see the enthusiasm of your leadership and the dedication of the personnel," Air Vice Marshall Dye said. "I feel the program will be even more successful in the future."

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