Aviano community support deployed Airmen's families

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  • By Airman 1st Class Justin Goodrich
  • Det. 8, Air Force News Agency
The Aviano Air Base community provides meals to deployed members' families to ease the hardship of having their loved ones deployed and puts them in touch with others on base.

The staff at the base's Airmen and Family Readiness center holds the Deployed Spouses' Meal every other month to say thanks to the families of these deployed Airmen.

Also during the meal, spouses can make friends with others who can help them get through tough times while their spouses are gone supporting operations Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom.

Aviano AB warfighters deploy to countries around the world to fight the war on terrorism, leaving their spouses and children back home. Even though families back home face countless challenges, they still support their spouses.

"We need to have a lot of support for our spouses," said Tech. Sgt. Christopher Ford, who works at the Airmen and Family Readiness Center. "This air expeditionary cycle, we have quite a few people gone. In fact, it is the bulk of our people during this (Air Expeditionary Force)."

"Spouses particularly need support when they are living overseas in a foreign country. Your mom cannot just jump on a plane, and rush up here to help you out," said Tina Brock, a military member's spouse.

Airmen can keep their minds focused on the mission, knowing their families are doing well back home.
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