AFSO 21 money-saving initiative increases capabilities

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A cross-squadron team of Airmen from the 379th Air Expeditionary Wing have succeeded in another Air Force Smart Operations 21 initiative that will continue to increase combat capability for the wing, and save money which can be diverted into Air Force recapitalization priorities. 

An initiative was submitted to revise how some specialized heavy equipment is leased. The squadron uses specialized construction equipment to dig trenches for communications conduits and manholes here.

New units such as the 71st Expeditionary Air Control Squadron rely on this communications infrastructure for radar feeds, telephone and network service.

Before the initiative, the heavy equipment was leased on an annual basis. Since the vehicles were infrequently used, the 379th ECS asked if there was a more cost effective way to retain their capability and save money.

A cross-functional team from contracting, vehicle fleet management, and the communications squadron met to identify alternative leasing methods for the infrequently used, yet necessary heavy equipment. 

It was discovered that a blanket purchase agreement would allow the 379th ECS to lease the vehicles on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. These options give the flexibility to pay for the equipment only when it is needed.

The 379th ECS returned the four infrequently used vehicles and agreed to pursue one of the other options on the existing blanket purchase agreement. Assuming the 379th ECS will lease the equipment for only one month this year, the initiative will save the government about $300,000 per year.

"Air Force Smart Operations is about eliminating non-value added work and retaining combat capability," said Maj. Joel Rudy, base AFSO 21 project officer. "This is just one more success story for the 379th AEW. The combined savings for the successes of the entire wing are approaching $20 million, which is more than enough money to fund one of the MQ-1 Predator UAV's in the Air Force's fiscal year 2008 budget request." 

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