Airmen streamline F-15 transfer process

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Airmen at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla., are teaming with their Air National Guard counterparts there to incorporate Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st Century principles in hopes of speeding the process of transferring F-15 Eagles.

As part of the validation and verification process, the unit from which the aircraft is being transferred must certify the fighter as ready for transfer before the gaining unit can accept it. The process typically takes about 20 days and involves 30 people.

"We're looking at the total process and (whether) there are any inefficiencies that we could reduce, (such as) manpower, material, or in this case, time frame," said Chief Master Sgt. Jerry Townsend, the 125th Fighter Wing quality superintendent.

After meeting and applying AFSO21 principles, the active-duty and Guard teams are now testing a process that reduces the transfer to five days and only requires 12 people, potentially saving the Air Force significant manpower and money for its 700-plus fleet of F-15s.

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