Moldovan officers visit Ramstein

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Laura Holzer
  • Detachment 4, Air Force News Agency
Four officers from Moldova visited Ramstein Air Base, Germany, in early March to learn about the U.S. Air Force personnel structure.

Airmen and civilians from the United States Air Forces in Europe command headquarters briefed the officers on various topics like force shaping, personnel structure and total force.

"As we are forming our Army, our management of human resources is also changing," said Lt. Col. Vitalie Butanaru, Moldovan commander of military human resources. "We could get the experience from a military such as the U.S. military which has a very big background and historical experience."

The visit is just one of many by representatives from European countries. By helping other nations with their military, USAFE command officials strengthen the U.S. relationship with partners and allies as they continue to fight the war on terrorism.

"We learn a lot from our partner nations that we engage with," said Col. Dennis DeGraff, USAFE director of personnel. "In particular, we learn that they have a lot of the same challenges that we do in the defense establishment. They have a lot of the same needs and the same requirements as they continue to effectively manage defense forces for their nation."

Moldova is a small country in southeastern Europe between Romania and the Ukraine. It is slightly larger than the state of Maryland. 

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