NCO academy focuses on leadership, communication

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The Kisling NCO Academy serves as the only NCO academy in Europe where hundreds of technical sergeants complete their next level of Professional Military Education every year.

"We teach them a lot of leadership qualities, then we work on communications so they can be better communicators when they get back (to their workcenters), and then we reintegrate to the profession of arms," said Tech. Sgt. Barron Hall, a PME instructor at the academy.

The curriculum at the academy can be tough for some students, but most students work out their struggles with their peers.

"The teamwork here in our flight is pretty unique. We gel together well and help each other out with study groups," said Tech. Sgt. Myron Bradley, a student at the academy.

The course lasts six weeks. In that time students will spend more than 220 academic hours learning how to become better leaders.

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