Serving through the season: Air Transportation Specialists

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  • By Tech. Sgt. Paul Hughes
  • Air Force News Agency
Many servicemembers take some time off this holiday season, but that's not an option for the men and women serving in Central and Southwest Asia.

Air transport specialists like Airmen 1st Class Bryne Tiseth and Lance Chafin spend a lot of time on the flightline helping deliver the supplies and equipment their comrades depend on down range.

The two Airmen are deployed to Incirlik Air Base's 827th Air Mobility Squadron from McGuire Air Force Base, N.J., and Dover AFB, Del., respectively.

"We're here to do a job," said Airman Tiseth, who hails from San Antonio. "We signed on that dotted line to take care of our country and we're doing the best we can here."

Airman Chafin is a native of Truetlen, Ga. Although he'll be missing his fiancé and the rest of his loved ones this holiday season, he's proud to do his part.

"Knowing the fact that you're helping the troops out, we're saving lives every day by getting them what they need, takes your mind off being away from home," he said.

The two deployed Airmen are also happy to help their fellow Airmen at Incirlik.

"There are people who are permanent party here, so we opted to work Christmas so they could spend Christmas with their families," Airman Tiseth said.

The holidays won't slow down the operations tempo on Incirlik's flightline, so Airmen Tiseth and Chafin will serve through the season to get the bullets, beans and blankets to the people who need them.

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