Letter to Airman asks Airmen to become communicators

  • Published
In the latest Letter to Airmen, Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne recognizes the importance of every Airman communicating the Air Force story, especially the contribution the Air Force makes to the nation's security. 

The secretary said that success of an enhanced strategic communication program will focus on every Airman.  

"The American public looks up to you as a model of integrity, and by sharing your experiences you are the best spokesmen for our Air Force," Secretary Wynne wrote. 

As part of the new program, a booklet about  "The Air Force Story"  will provide Airmen with information to discuss with family, friends and the public. Deployed Airmen will receive an "Airman's Card" which will provide guidance on how to communicate their story and to be honest, candid and to stay within their area of expertise.

In addition, a new advertising campaign will feature outstanding Airmen describing their contributions to the nation's defense.

"One person's story carries the hopes and dreams of a new generation of Airmen and confirms the public's belief that we serve on their behalf," he wrote.

This Letter to Airmen and other senior leader viewpoints can be found in the Library section of Air Force Link.