AFSO 21 streamlines logistics processes

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Oshawn Jefferson
  • 39th Air Base Wing Public Affairs
Airmen with the 39th Logistics Readiness Squadron Material Management Flight are implementing a new way of thinking by streamlining their process of asset distribution at Incirlik and collocating people into one building.

"We are wringing out the water and giving time back to our Airmen," said Capt. Michael Kenig, flight commander. "The new processes will be somewhat transparent to customers, but our Airmen will be able to do their job more efficiently."

Air Force Smart Operations 21 signifies a shift in thinking. Secretary of the Air Force Michael Wynne wrote in a Letter to Airmen that AFSO 21 is centered on processes rather than tasks alone. This allows people to gain insights into the value, or lack of value, in each task they perform.

The squadron is responsible for all freight cargo terminating and originating at Incirlik. Any materials that come into the base in support of the 39th Air Base Wing mission are processed by the squadron.

"We were spread out in five buildings across the base," said Tech. Sgt. Chad Steele, 39th LRS Material Management Flight.

"Since the traffic management flight has to process all materiel that comes into and out of the base, some of the Airmen in our squadron had to process the same material twice," Sergeant Steele said.

Materiel such as aircraft replacement parts, printer paper, CDs bound for the BX, toilet paper and extra material for storage was moved from building to building for processing or Airmen had to visit each building to process materials.

"By centrally locating our Airmen into one building, we were able to take out unnecessary and duplicated processes," said Staff Sgt. Raja Beckles, Material Management Flight. "Not only do we give Airmen back time by allowing materiel to be processed faster, but customers get their materiel faster."

Best practices like the one the 39th LRS is executing is part of a dedicated effort to maximize value and minimize waste in day-to-day operations. AFSO 21 is an opportunity to look at each process from beginning to end.

"We looked at our process and asked ourselves, ‘How can we do each task better?' We asked the tougher and more important question, ‘Why were we doing it this way?'" Captain Kenig said.

"We were able to make each of the tasks in the material management flight relevant, productive and even more valuable," the captain said. "We are continuing to make improvements and with an AFSO 21 mindset, we will (eliminate) unnecessary work."