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Center-contractor partnership benefits warfighter

  • Published
  • By G.A. Volb
  • Ogden Air Logistics Center Public Affairs
In an ongoing effort to generate cost-effective support for the warfighter, Ogden Air Logistics Center officials signed a partnering agreement with BAE Systems on May 11.

The agreement, established to make maximum use of the center's industrial and technical foundation while incorporating BAE Systems' commercial expertise, will improve support to the warfighter and may reduce overall costs in the long run.

The partnership, designed to be as flexible as possible in order to accept future workloads, is focused on the C-17 Globemaster III heads-up display in the initial effort, with possible test program development down the road.

"Initially, the government and the ALC will gain second-source repair capability and help bring it more in line with workload requirements, while BAE Systems will have at its disposal extra workload capacity and access to skills and services it may not otherwise possess," said Kevin Forbes, 309th Electronic Maintenance Group industrial program manager.

There were other specific benefits to entering the partnership for both parties, said Charlie Johnson, C-17 program technical advisor with the 309th EMXG.

"BAE Systems is on the cutting edge of developing new technology with regard to aircraft sustainment," Mr. Johnson said. "The agreement gives us an inside track on future technological advances they make; plus we gain direct technical support and training that keeps our knowledge base up to date."

BAE Systems, on the other hand, benefits from access to the ALC's skilled work force and extensive maintenance repair and manufacturing infrastructure.

"They'll have access to government facilities to test materials, equipment, models and computer software," Mr. Johnson said. "Our facilities are already covered by hazardous material licenses, which will also save the contractor significant costs. In the end, program operating costs will be reduced by using shared facilities, equipment, information and other resources.

"It's the warfighter that will gain the most from the partnership," he said. "They'll gain from improved responsiveness, technology infusion, increased reliability and improved logistical support."