SECAF releases latest Letter to Airmen

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In his latest Letter to Airmen, released March 8, Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne focused on Air Force Smart Operations 21.

The program is based on both Lean and Six Sigma business process improvement tools. These tools were developed chiefly in the private sector to focus on increasing value to customers, save time and money, reduce waste and improve quality.

“AFSO 21 is a leadership program for commanders and supervisors at all levels, looking at each process from beginning to end,” Secretary Wynne wrote in his letter. “It doesn’t just look at how we can do each task better, but asks the tougher and more important question: Why are we doing it this way?”

In his Letter to Airmen, Secretary Wynne explained how Smart Ops 21 will affect the future of the Air Force.

“We must continue to meet our worldwide requirements even with the continued pressure on our budget,” he continued. “But AFSO 21 is not about cost cutting; it enables our service to take our warfighters of today and grow them into the most effective and efficient thinkers for 2010 and beyond.”

This Letter to Airmen and other senior leader viewpoints can be found on the library section of Air Force Link.