New SECAF sends 'Letter to Airmen'

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The following is a "Letter to Airmen" from Secretary of the Air Force Michael W. Wynne:

"It is an honor to serve as Secretary of the Air Force, and I look forward to working alongside you in keeping our Nation safe. Because of your dedication, skill, and sacrifice, the U.S. Air Force gives an incredible array of options to the President - whether it is taking the fight to the enemy or providing humanitarian assistance to those in the wake of natural disasters. As individuals you are each a national asset and essential to accomplishing the Air Force’s mission. As a seamless team, we are able to overcome any challenge.

In the past 14 years, the Air Force team has proven its mettle and skill every day. Since the days of DESERT SHIELD and DESERT STORM, our Air Force has been globally and continuously engaged in war. We must continue to show the same resolve and determination, in the Global War on Terror. It will be a long war, but one we will win.

Together, let’s affirm that today’s Air Force is Joint, has a clear mission, and a set of goals to spur continued success. We have a leadership team consisting of the Chief of Staff, General Mike Moseley, Under Secretary Dr. Ron Sega, Vice Chief General John Corley, and the Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force Gerald Murray that has my total confidence as we together set the standard for performance within the larger Defense Family.

The core values: Integrity First, Service Before Self, and Excellence in All We Do should continue to be internalized throughout the Future Total Force, and in our industry partners that we rely on for support. With these values translated into steady and unswerving resolve and actions, our Air Force will live up to the expectations of the Nation.

Now, some personal viewpoints. I see the MISSION of the Air Force as:

Deliver Sovereign Options for the defense of the United States of America, and its global interests -- In Air, Space, and Cyberspace.

To do this, the Air Force must:

1. Prepare for and Participate in the Joint Fight, Anywhere, Anytime
2. Develop, Maintain, and Sustain the Warfighter Edge
3. Provide Motivated, Ethical, Accountable Air Force Warriors

Our GOALS in support of these mission elements include:

Foster Mutual Respect and Integrity
This applies across the entire Future Total Force, and asks that each of us be accountable to this standard. 

Sustain Air Space and Cyberspace Capability
This applies to Human Assets, fostering Professional and Advanced Education as well as addressing the continuing aging and obsolescence of our equipment. 

Provide Persistent Situation Awareness
This applies to the Battlefield, and Airspace, and also extends to Cyberspace, Maintenance, Logistics, and Business. Knowledge Enabled actions are better. 

• Joint and Battle Ready Trained Airmen
We must train as we fight, and that will be Joint. We must be as ready to be in firefights in all of our Battle Areas, and in support of our Joint Partners. 

Continue to improve the Total Force Quality of Life
While maintaining clear military goals, improving quality of life allows mission focus. Fostering Mutual Respect and support is the cornerstone. 

• Open, Transparent Business Practices, Clean Audit
Provide the ability and oversight where we are recognized as the Best in Class in business and management operations, throughout the Total Air Force. 

• Foster Lean Processes across the Total Air Force
Lean is about Highest Quality, and Husbanding Resources; from completing BRAC actions, to flight line operations, and inventory. We all can contribute.

In Summary: Knowledge Enabled Actions with an Accountable Airmen Ethic

Together with General Moseley and other senior leaders, I will work hard to address these issues and to ensure you have the tools you need. Meanwhile, I have no doubt that you will continue to keep America’s Air Force the greatest air, space, and cyberspace force in history, and an important part of the joint team defending our Country.

Thanks to all of you currently serving in our nearly 700,000 strong Active, Reserve, Guard, and Civilians as well as my predecessors in the role of Secretary and Acting Secretary for providing to our Air Force the best in terms of leadership and service to our nation. As I cross back into the Blue, I am forever grateful."