Logistics program broadens careers

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As the premier logistics training program in the Air Force, the logistics career broadening program provides logistics officers the chance to attain specialized knowledge in their career field.

The two-year program not only provides unique instruction in logistics but also lends opportunities for officers to grow as leaders and managers. The career broadening officer works in various disciplines, learning the functions and challenges of other logistics career fields and can earn professional certifications in program management and acquisition logistics.

"The CBOs gain the wholesale perspective at an air logistics center and the air logistics centers benefit from the officer's field-level experience and different perspectives on the problems we face as an Air Force," said Brig. Gen. Polly A. Peyer, Pacific Air Forces director of logistics. "Countless times each year, this experience is used to mold depot processes and personnel knowledge to maintain and improve support structures. Bottom line, the CBO gets the chance to have a direct influence on service wide logistics issues from day one, while improving their personal ability to support the flight-line mission.”

These logistics officers also have an opportunity to work on high-level projects. The program’s officers have developed the new Civilian Achievement Medal, built the Blue School as an introduction to the military for new civilian hires, and served as action officers for the secretary of the Air Force's "Benchmarking with Industry Project." These developmental opportunities are designed to foster professional growth, not just as logisticians but also as leaders.

"The logistics career broadening program has evolved into a program for logistics officers that is producing officers with the potential to fill senior leadership positions, both at the air logistics centers and in the field," said Lt. Col. Brian Yoo, program manager.

The selected captains for the 2005 to 2007 logistics career broadening program will do their training at Hill Air Force Base, Utah; Robins AFB, Ga.; Tinker AFB, Okla.; and the Defense Logistics Agency at Scott AFB, Ill.

Those captains selected for training at Hill AFB are:

-- Ivan Pennington.

-- Jean-Jacques Futey.

-- Kenneth Ocker.

-- Kenneth Benton.

-- Aabram Marsh.

-- Jeremy Wells.

-- Andy Loving.

Those captains selected for training at Robins AFB are:

-- Darren Brumfield.

-- David Wilson II.

-- Gaius Barron.

-- Buddy Elliott Jr.

-- Gary Durst.

-- Sean Tunaley.

-- Aaron Boyd.

Those captains selected for training at Tinker AFB are:

-- Bradley Garcia.

-- Peter Abercrombie.

-- Adam Digerolamo.

-- John Schloss.

-- Brady Fischer.

-- Ashley Cannon.

-- Charles Dunaway.

-- Charles Hawkins.

Capt. Mark Guillory was selected for training at DLA.