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AF issues Article 15 to top military lawyer

  • Published
The commander of Air Education and Training Command completed nonjudicial punishment action against the Air Force’s former top military lawyer Dec. 21.

Following a review of an Air Force inspector general investigation into allegations of wrongdoing, Gen. Donald G. Cook, AETC commander, punished Maj. Gen. Thomas J. Fiscus. General Fiscus received nonjudicial punishment under Article 15 of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for conduct unbecoming an officer, fraternization, obstruction of justice and violating a lawful general regulation. As a result of these offenses, General Fiscus was reprimanded and given forfeitures of pay.

In addition, General Cook recommended to Air Force Secretary Dr. James G. Roche that General Fiscus retire in a grade lower than major general. General Cook also recommended the investigation into these offenses be referred for appropriate action to Air Force officials charged with overseeing the Judge Advocate Professional Rules of Conduct and the designation and certification of Air Force lawyers.

Secretary Roche and Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. John P. Jumper transferred this matter to General Cook to ensure the full range of administrative and disciplinary options available to a commander would be considered in determining an appropriate resolution of the case. This put the decision in the hands of a four-star general with 35 years of military service.

General Fiscus held the Air Force’s top military legal position as the Judge Advocate General from Feb. 25, 2002, until Sept. 22, 2004, when he was relieved pending the resolution of the allegations against him.