Northeast icy blast fails to chill air bridge pace

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Subzero temperatures and a dusting of 4.2 inches of snow March 7 failed to slow the Patriot Wing's support of U.S. military deployments to Southwest Asia.

Between March 7 and March 11, Westover's 42nd Aerial Port Squadron handled 69 aircraft, processing 641 passengers and more than 1.1 million pounds of cargo.

Since the 439th Airlift Wing began providing a 24-hour air bridge to Southwest Asia on Feb. 2, the base has accommodated 375 planes, pumping more than 3.3 million gallons of JP-8 fuel. During the same period, base aerial porters cared for 2,571 passengers and more than 8.5 million pounds of cargo.

Wing officials tout the base, saying that being the closest base to Europe means a C-5 Galaxy leaving Westover for Europe requires less fuel and, as a result, can carry 20,000 pounds more payload than a similar aircraft leaving Dover Air Force Base, Del.

The Air Force Reserve Command installation resembles an active-duty base in another way, according to Tech. Sgt. David Beauregard of the 439th Services Squadron. During the five-week period, food handlers served 1,826 hot meals, as well as box lunches to 674 workers and 1,674 flight passengers. (Courtesy of AFRC News Service)