January issue of Airman's 'The Book' now available online

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Demographics, statistics, and a wide range of compiled information about the Air Force highlight the first issue of Airman magazine in 2003, available now on the World Wide Web.

"Centennial of Flight" is the theme for Airman's January 2003 issue, traditionally called "The Book." The issue focuses on facts about the blue-suit service, offering a wealth of information and data. It includes:

-- Organization of the Aerospace Forces. This section breaks down the service by its leadership, commands, bases and more. Each command section describes its function, lists its commander and provides insight to its function within the Air Force.

-- Fact and Figures. Maps, charts and graphs illustrate the various demographics of the service and highlight the Air Force's place in national defense. The section includes maps showing major installation locations, personnel numbers, military pay charts, a full-color awards and decorations chart, badges, civilian awards, Air Force berets and more.

-- Aerospace Weapons. Aircraft are but one part of what makes this aerospace force of the 21st century work. The "Aerospace Weapons" section features a majority of the weapons systems at the service's disposal, including aircraft, satellites, bombs and missiles.

The issue also includes a listing of Air Force tail markings, messages from key leaders and more.

Extra copies of "The Book" are available by e-mailing the unit's mailing address and the total number of Air Force people (military and civilian employees) to afnspub@afnews.af.mil.