Now showing: Jan. 6 edition of Air Force Television News

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The Jan. 6 edition of Air Force Television News is the second of four special editions of the program; an extended interview with Chief Master Sgt. of the Air Force Gerald Murray. Interviewed by Staff Sgt. Pachari Lutke, Murray discusses a wide range of topics, including retention and recruiting during high operations tempo.

Murray also explains the importance of professional military education, saying it has been extensively improved and expanded, emphasizing it is one of the necessary building blocks to a career in the Air Force. He also discusses the expanded role and increased responsibility of the enlisted corps in an Air Force that is the world's pre-eminent air and space power.

Finally, the chief looks ahead to 2003, discussing his priorities for the year and the challenges facing people he represents. Murray says stability and predictability are important to every man and woman in the Air Force and that is what senior leadership is constantly trying to improve.

In the next two programs, Air Force Television will feature extended interviews with the commander of Air Force Reserve Command and the director of the Air National Guard. The first regular edition of the program will be released in mid-February.

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