Airmen apprehended for drug use

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Nine airmen here were apprehended early Dec. 8 for illegal drug use as part of the Air Force's on-going zero-tolerance drug program.

The airmen, from the 354th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron and the 354th Maintenance Squadron, were identified as possible drug users through investigations conducted by Eielson's office of special investigations.

Eight were apprehended on base and one was apprehended in Fairbanks. One servicemember was also apprehended for distribution of drugs.

A drug sweep was done of the 354th AMXS dormitory by the 354th Security Forces Squadron canine unit early Dec. 8, and more than 1,000 maintainers from AMXS and MXS were recalled Dec. 9 at 5 a.m. for unitwide urinalysis testing.

"Everyone has to understand that the Air Force has zero tolerance for drug use. Those people who decide to take drugs -- will get caught and will be prosecuted under the (Uniform Code of Military Justice)," said Col. Jan-Marc Jouas, 354th Fighter Wing commander.

"Airmen who use drugs are a disgrace to every member of the Iceman Team and to every person who wears Air Force blue. More critically, people's lives are put at risk because of a selfish few who choose to break the law," said Jouas. "People need to be at 100 percent when they are doing their jobs - our mission demands nothing less."

Under the UCMJ, the maximum punishment a servicemember could face if found guilty during a court-martial of marijuana use is a dishonorable discharge and confinement for two years. For harder drugs use such as cocaine, the maximum penalty could be a dishonorable discharge and five years confinement. Anyone found guilty during a court-martial of distribution of an illegal drug could face the maximum punishment of dishonorable discharge and confinement for 15 years. (Courtesy of Pacific Air Forces News Service)