December issue of Airman available

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The Centennial of Flight celebration begins, learning to defend the KC-135 Stratotanker in a war zone, and the future of treating trauma victims on the battlefield highlight the December issue of Airman magazine, now available in print and online.

In this month's issue:

Nearly a hundred years ago, the Wright Flyer lifted off the windswept heights of Kitty Hawk and took to the sky in the first powered aircraft flight. But, if it were not for a combination of timing, passion and ingenuity, the Wright Brothers may not have been the first to fly. Read about Slipping the Surly Bonds.

Being away from family and friends during the holidays is no fun. But airmen have been doing it for decades. It is a part of the military lifestyle. None like the idea, but they learn to make the best of it. See how others have coped with No Holiday Presence.

When it first entered the scene, many people did not want anything to do with the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle. But now, theater commanders do not want to go into battle without the versatile aircraft that can fly above the battlefield for more than 20 hours protecting friendly troops without risking its pilot's life. Learn about The Predator's War.

The KC-135, unlike its cousin the fighter, has no warning or defense systems onboard. But the KC-135 Combat Employment School is using lessons learned from flying this airborne gas station to train aircrews to handle any challenge of threat to the tanker in a war zone and ensure they can provide Fuel for the Fight.

What do cattle drives and blood drives have in common? Artificial blood. Treating trauma victims on the battlefield in the future could include using such blood -- based on the bovine hemoglobin. Wilford Hall Medical Center already is using artificial blood in human and animal studies. But do not Have a Cow.

The Air Force took him in when he was most desperate and raised him in an extended family of bluesuiters from around the world. Now Jimmy Schwartz does everything he can to return the favor to the Kadena Air Base community in Okinawa, Japan. And he is doing it his way. Learn about Jimmy's Way.