Now showing: Dec. 9 edition of Air Force Television News

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The potential problem of recruiting members of the Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve because of lengthy mobilization and operations tempo is featured in the latest edition of Air Force Television News. Both Assistant Defense Secretary Thomas Hall and Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz discuss the potential problem.

Staff Sgt. Pachari Lutke reports from Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., on replacement of Air Force gate guards with Defense Department employees in an attempt to relieve the workload of airmen during the war on terrorism.

Staff Sgt. Kevin Dennison watches air crews being trained at Davis-Monthan AFB, Ariz., on how to survive when ejecting from aircraft over water.

Staff Sgt. Leigh Dennison visits a father at Sheppard AFB, Texas, who has his son as a student attending a firefighting class; Staff Sgt. Michelle Kruse profiles an airman in England coping with being a single parent while his wife is temporarily assigned to Turkey; and Staff Sgt. Bill Scherer shows another example of how Air Force technology and the private sector work together, in this case to improve aircraft inspection technology.

Tech. Sgt. Paul Firman has the story of an Air Force enlisted aide whose duty in the kitchen results in gourmet meals for senior leaders. Staff Sgt. Joe Wallace goes back to Scott AFB, Ill., to witness the results of a "Trading Spaces" renovation of two rooms in base housing.

Finally, Staff Sgt. Marty Rush is in a Nashville, Tenn., recording studio interviewing country artist Vince Gill, featured on this year's holiday CD produced by Air Force Recruiting Service.

Beginning with the Dec. 23 edition of the program, Air Force Television News will present four special editions of the program. The first, released two days before Christmas, will be the production's annual, "Year in Review." That program will be followed in two-week intervals by an introduction to the new chief master sergeant of the Air Force, an extended interview with the commander of Air Force Reserve Command, and an interview with the director of the National Guard. Regular programming for Air Force Television News will resume Feb. 17.

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