ACC conducts flight leadership focus day

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To focus on the importance of flight leadership, Air Combat Command aircraft will not be flying Dec. 6.

With increases in operations tempo and aircraft mishaps, Gen. Hal M. Hornburg, ACC commander, directed a flight leadership focus day.

Commanders across ACC will conduct mandatory training focusing on basic flight discipline, task prioritization, and flight and maintenance procedures.

"While getting the job done is essential, we need to focus on getting the job done safely," Hornburg said. "It's understood that our people are stretched thin conducting the global war on terrorism, other contingency operations and homeland security missions over the United States, while preparing for possible future conflicts. However, focusing on the basics is every bit as vital in preparation for potential contingencies as it is for maintaining safe flying operations at home.

"Every member of Air Combat Command is an irreplaceable resource in the continuing global war on terrorism," Hornburg said. "The defense of our great nation needs each of us, our families need us, and I need every airman to ensure flight discipline is integral to our training and combat capability." (Courtesy of ACC News Service)