Coalition forces drop leaflets in Iraq

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Operation Southern Watch aircrews dropped 240,000 leaflets Dec. 2 over communication facilities in Iraq. The drops occurred between Al Kut and An Nasiriyah, approximately 100 to 150 miles southeast of Baghdad. These sites were damaged or destroyed by coalition strikes on December 1.

Three separate leaflets were combined for this drop. Two leaflets urged the Iraqi military not to repair the communication equipment and facilities that aid in tracking and engaging coalition aircraft. A third leaflet states that coalition aircraft enforce the no-fly zones to protect the Iraqi people, and that threatening coalition aircraft may result in air strikes.

The 3-inch by 6-inch fliers, written in Arabic, were dropped by four fiberglass "leaflet bombs" that contained a mixture of all three leaflets, with a total of 60,000 leaflets in each bomb. The bombs exploded over the target areas and the leaflets drifted to the ground.

This was the sixth Operation Southern Watch leaflet drop in the last two months.