U.K. pet quarantine no longer required

  • Published
  • By Capt. Erin Bradley
  • 3rd Air Force Public Affairs
Starting Dec. 11, military members bringing dogs and cats to the United Kingdom will no longer have to place their animals in a six-month quarantine period upon entering the country if they meet certain criteria.

The Pet Travel Scheme, or PETS, is a new system created to help those who are moving to the country with animals. It also means that people in the United Kingdom can, after having taken their pets to these countries, bring them back without the need for quarantine.

Currently, the scheme only applies to cats and dogs, including guide and hearing dogs, and is limited to pets coming into the United Kingdom from certain countries and territories, and only operates on specific sea, air and rail routes to England. It remains illegal in Great Britain to possess certain types of dogs and meeting the PETS requirements will not change that.

Air Force rotator aircraft, such as the "Patriot Express," are not currently approved for bringing pets to the United Kingdom.

Pet owners wishing to avoid the quarantine must begin preparing for the move at least six months out so the animals will meet the PETS criteria. Contact the U.K. Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs Web site for more information.