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Air Force releases UH-1N accident report

  • Published
The Air Force has determined pilot error caused the Aug. 8 UH-1N Huey accident near Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M.

During a hovering maneuver, an imbalance occurred on the throttles for the two engines and the main rotor lost speed. Two hours and 17 minutes after departing from Kirtland, the aircraft crashed at Kirtland Auxiliary Field's Pad 8.

Investigators found the accident was the result of a student pilot applying too much throttle to engine No. 1, causing its power to exceed that of the automatically controlled engine No. 2. This created a single-engine situation, causing the helicopter to descend rapidly.

Immediate action by the instructor pilot brought the aircraft to level flight prior to impact and all five people aboard escaped injury.

The crew was flying a qualification training sortie for two student pilots and a student flight engineer when the accident occurred. An instructor pilot and an instructor flight engineer were also on board. (Courtesy of Air Education and Training Command News Service)