Making a difference through Habitat for Humanity

  • Published
  • By Lanorris Askew
  • Warner Robins Air Logistics Center Public Affairs
People from the base chapel here are helping to make one part of the American dream a reality for a local family through lots of labor and a $37,000 donation to a Habitat for Humanity project.

These non-profit construction projects put low-income families into quality family housing.

"Contributing funds and labor to Habitat for Humanity allows one to see, in a tangible way, where the resources are going," said Chaplain Dennis Hutson. "The resources are being used to provide much needed housing to the immediate community outside the gates of Robins."

This is the second house sponsored by the chapel in the past five years, said Hutson. A donation of $37,000 obtained from chapel offerings was given for this project.

According to John Sellers, Houston County Habitat for Humanity executive director, the money will fully fund the materials and any labor costs that may be incurred during the building of the house.

"The (work) site was an awesome activity for me to behold," Hutson said. "Approximately 25 volunteers divided into small groups were at work on the house."

Hutson got to meet a number of workers who had houses built for them through the Habitat program.

According to Tony Boyd, head of the local Habitat chapter's church relations committee, each family must put in 500 hours of what is called "sweat equity" into their house. But because the work usually goes very quickly, they are not able to put in all 500 hours on their own home, so they work on other houses.

Habitat funding comes from individuals and from mortgage payments made by the homeowners. Habitat takes applications from potential homeowners who meet income guidelines. The Habitat board then selects from among the applicants. Loans are interest-free, and average 20 years, although some are paid sooner. Average monthly payments with escrow are $220 a month.

"Our Robins chapel believes in outreach ministry," said Hutson. "Any contributor to this effort can always drive by and see tangible results. Providing low cost, low maintenance housing in the deteriorating community outside Robins' gates is making a difference."