New TV ads available online

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The latest Air Force television commercials are now available online.

The four-spot series, which continues the "Cross Into the Blue" theme, depicts teen-agers with particular skills or interests applying them in an Air Force specialty. The commercials tell viewers, "We've been waiting for you."

In one spot, a young girl fixes her family's satellite TV dish and later applies those skills for Air Force Space Command. In another, a young boy who loves remote-control airplanes later finds himself as an unmanned aerial vehicle pilot. A third spot depicts a teen-ager who loves speed and extreme sports finding the ultimate thrill flying the F/A-22 Raptor. The last commercial follows a daring young man as he rescues his sister's backpack on a family camping trip, later using the same skills as a special operations pararescueman.

The new commercials are geared toward the Air Force's future -- America's young people, said Col. Frederick Roggero, director of the Air Force's integrated marketing division.

Roggero said the Air Force has three objectives for this campaign: encourage young men and women to learn more about serving in the Air Force, retain current Air Force members, and increase public awareness of the Air Force mission.

The new commercials began airing Sept. 16 on network and cable television and are scheduled to run during programming that will target young adults. One of the commercials will also be shown in movie theaters later this year.