Part-time civilian jobs available for students

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Two Air Force civilian educational employment programs offer high school, college and professional school students the opportunity to earn money and gain valuable work experience while still in school.

"The Air Force has always looked to educational institutions to find people who have the skills needed to meet its future employment needs and routinely recruits students for student program positions," said Lee McGehee, technical director.

The Student Temporary Employment Program offers temporary jobs to students as soon as they are accepted to an accredited high school, technical or vocational school, or college or professional school. Enrollment must be on at least a part-time basis. Most appointments are for one year or less and a majority of students are hired between May and September. There are a number of these positions including lifeguard, laborer and office automation clerk.

The Student Career Experience Program offers part-time employment in jobs related to the student's major field of study. Most student career experience positions result in permanent career placement upon successful completion of the training program and degree requirements.

"In addition to the opportunity for steady employment while completing educational goals, there are other benefits as well," said McGehee. "The student can expect flexible work schedules during school. During normal student breaks, like spring and summer, the student may work full time and revert to the part-time schedule, when school starts.

"Students in both categories earn vacation and sick days," she said.

SCEP students are eligible for some health and life insurance benefits as long as they are expected to be employed for one year. STEP students are eligible for health insurance if they have been continuously employed for one year; however, they must pay the full premium.

Interested applicants should contact the nearest Air Force installation civilian personnel flight for more information on these career opportunities. Job openings and application instructions at any of the 82 bases serviced by the Air Force Personnel Center here are listed at the AFPC Web site.