Greater access to pay information through E/MSS

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The Defense Finance and Accounting Service Employee/Member Self-Service system has been expanded to allow greater access to pay information and more changes to pay records.

The new enhancements provide more options to employees, are user-friendly, and help give employees more control over their pay information, said Jim Pitt, deputy director of electronic commerce, military and civilian pay services.

Active-duty and reserve Air Force servicemembers can now increase or decrease the amount of state tax taken from their pay. They can also now make home address changes and request a personal identification number letter on demand.

To use the E/MSS system, employees must have a customized PIN. Those needing a PIN may request a new PIN letter at the E/MSS Home Page. This letter will be mailed to the address on file with the pay system. Allow seven to 10 business days for mailing. All retirees and annuitants needing a new PIN should contact the E/MSS customer support unit at (800) 390-2348.