Reservists must report extension to keep benefits

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Mobilized reservists who are extended into a second year must report the extension to their servicing military personnel unit to ensure they receive continuous health care and other benefits.

If deployed overseas, reservists can go to their personnel support for contingency operations team to update information in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System and receive a new identification card. Reservists in the United States report to their servicing military personnel flight's customer service office to complete those processes.

Air Force Reserve Command personnel officials here said it is important for extended reservists to report the change because medical benefits for them and their families are based on information in their DEERS file and up-to-date IDs.

MPFs have procedures in place to issue ID cards when the sponsor is deployed elsewhere. The family members will need to bring their current Department of Defense ID card for proof of eligibility. (Courtesy of AFRC News Service)