Air Force extends per diem entitlement for reservists

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Reservists in Air Force Reserve Command called to active duty in support of operations Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom may now receive per diem for up to 730 days at one location.

Michael L. Dominguez, assistant secretary of the Air Force for manpower and reserve affairs, signed a waiver Aug. 21 extending his original entitlement waiver for the payment of per diem from one year up to two years. His initial waiver signed Sept. 22 had authorized per diem entitlements for members up to 365 days at one location.

Per diem entitlements under this authority are not taxable and cannot be arbitrarily reduced, according to officials in the office of the Air Force Reserve's directorate of personnel. Per diem is not payable to people in a commuting status.

Air Force officials will issue a message providing administrative information concerning this entitlement. (Courtesy of AFRC News Service)