Detachment activated to support V-22 testing

  • Published
  • By Gidge Dady
  • Naval Air Systems Public Affairs
A new detachment was activated here recently to support V-22 Osprey testing.

Detachment 2 was created to operationally test the MV-22 from the special operations perspective to assess its value as a baseline for the special operations variant, the CV-22.

"I'm proud to be part of the outstanding team the Air Force and Marine Corps have created to conduct operational test of the MV-22," said Maj. Gary McCollum, Det. 2 commander. "Our focus is and will remain viewing the V-22 through the eyes of the future generations of Marines and special operations forces warriors who will take the Osprey into harm's way in support of our national objectives. We owe it to them never to lose sight of the fact the V-22 is a combat aircraft, and to do everything we can to develop and take advantage of its unique capabilities in support of their mission."

Det. 2 comprises the Air Force part of the V-22 Multiservice Operational Test Team, which includes the 10 Air Force people in Det. 2, one Air Force Operational Test and Evaluation Center test director, and 18 Marine operators and maintainers.

McCollum said the detachment aircrew and maintainers are working with the V-22 Integrated Test Team here to make observations that will help them with assessments and evaluations during the dedicated operational test periods, which could begin next summer.

"We will operate and maintain our aircraft in an operationally representative environment," McCollum said. "We'll fly and maintain the V-22 in conditions which are as close as we can reasonably make them to what an operational squadron would encounter on a day-to-day basis. Our flights will be based on representative Marine and (special operations forces) missions."

Later on, the larger version of the MOTT, which includes Detachment 2, will conduct the second phase of the V-22's operational evaluation using MV-22 Block A production aircraft from various ship and shore locations throughout the United States.

Det. 2 falls under the 18th Flight Test Squadron at Hurlburt Field, Fla. The squadron functions as the operational test agency for Air Force Special Operations Command. (Courtesy of AFSOC News Service)