Resume requirements clarified for Air Force civilian employment

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Palace Compass officials here recently clarified whether or not applicants need a resume when applying for civilian employment.

"Applicants for job vacancies filled by the Air Force Personnel Center may not need a resume," said Lee McGehee, technical director. "But all applicants must self-nominate by midnight Central Standard Time on the closing date of the vacancy announcement to be considered for the openings."

Current permanent Air Force civilian employees do not need a resume to be considered for vacancies filled internally, through merit promotion, McGehee said. However, permanent Air Force employees eligible and interested in a new appointment under the Veterans' Readjustment Act must submit a resume with supplemental data.

Non-Air Force applicants must submit their resume with supplemental data and self-nominate to be considered, she said.

For most jobs, resumes must be on file before self-nominating. The exception applies to positions filled through the delegated examining unit. Those applicants may self-nominate as they submit their resume.

Resumes are kept on file for one year for non-Air Force applicants and indefinitely for Air Force employees. Resumes must be resubmitted after the one-year period for non-Air Force applicants, according to Ms. McGehee.

For more information on civilian resumes visit the AFPC's civilian employees Web site.