Nov. 19, 2018: Letter from 325th Fighter Wing commander

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  • By Col. Brian S. Laidlaw
  • 325th Fighter Wing
(Editor's Note: This is a message from the Tyndall Air Force Base commander updating personnel on base recovery efforts following Hurricane Michael.)

Team Tyndall,

The base recovery efforts are coming along well. Our team is hard at work cleaning up the base, protecting buildings, and making the area safe.

In the past few weeks, we have allowed on base residents and those storing personal property on base access to their homes and storage areas to facilitate insurance claims and property removal. As we move forward, we are at the point where we need all individuals to retrieve their property out of lots and storage areas so that we can continue with our recovery and reconstitution plan.

We know that the hurricane has moved and destroyed many items, and we will do our best to ensure you are able to find and retrieve any personal property. We are asking that those who have personal property on base (not to include personal property located in base housing) to retrieve it within the next 45 days. In order to do this, those who must retrieve their property should contact our Tyndall Visitor Control Center as outlined in the legal notice attachment to ensure access.

We are grateful for your patience. We have worked hard to make sure you have safe access to your personal property, and we are thankful for your assistance as it allows us to maintain our steady progress toward recovery.


Col. Brian S. Laidlaw
325th Fighter Wing Commander

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