PERSCO keeps the base accountable

  • Published
  • By Tech. Sgt. Darnell T. Cannady
  • 380th AEW/PA
Before you arrive to a deployment at Al Dhafra Air Base, United Arab Emirates, there is a team already tracking and processing your movement into the area of responsibility. This is the Personnel Support for Contingency Operations team whose mission is total force accountability, casualty reporting and being advisors to commanders.

They support all of ADAB, to include Air Force (regular deployed personnel, embassy personnel, and permanent party), joint partners (Army, Navy, and Marines), civilians, contractors and coalition partners.

“We have a huge responsibility of tracking all forces in and out of ADAB,” said Master Sgt. Lemeika Stringer, 380th Expeditionary Force Support Squadron PERSCO team chief. “Our accountability provides statistics through AFCENT all the way to headquarters Air Force on exactly who is at this location and the capability that they are providing. This includes reception processing from the airplane until released to unit representatives, and also regeneration to redeployment.”

PERSCO provides accurate and timely information about all personnel movements. This data is briefed to the Air Forces Central Command commander on status of forces either directly or indirectly up to twice a day. They also report all casualties from ADAB up to Air Force Personnel Center for proper accounting.

Their support of the base doesn’t stop once members are in-processed. They also provide ID card services and limited support for reenlistments and extension actions.

“To us, it’s gratifying knowing that we can give (members) peace of mind,” said Airman 1st Class Tyshawn McFaddin, 380th EFSS PERSCO customer support technician. “The fact that we can take care of a simple, little part for them so that they can accomplish the mission encompasses the fact that we do more than just 100 percent accountability, which is the main part of our job.”

Most recently, the deployed PERSCO team has taken on the Air Force’s newest initiative for electronic deployment folders, the first ever in the AOR.

“The electronic Air Force Deployment Folder replaces the Air Force Deployment Folder, eliminating the need to maintain and carry most hard copy deployment folders for uniformed Airmen,” added Stringer. “We will view the record now in a system called Commander’s Tool Kit. It's truly amazing and ground breaking.”

One of their challenges is to look at ADAB’s capacity to know who’s on the ground, where they are lodged, and all other types of support so boots-on-the-ground fluctuations can be identified early, as decisions are made for future rotations and what’s happening around the world.

“We’re constantly working,” added McFaddin. “When something happens and a commander here or stateside needs information, we’re there to assist them and help as quickly as possible. That’s what we do and we’re proud to assist anyone who need it.”

Through their hard work, PERSCO puts their stamp on every single person, Air Force Specialty Code, rank, and grade on ADAB.

“It’s an honor and a pleasure to be able to serve with such wonderful people and partners here on ADAB,” added Stringer. “We are successful because we have a great team of professionals to work with.”