JB Charleston closes gates, remains in HURCON 1

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  • Joint Base Charleston Public Affairs Office

Joint Base Charleston entry gates have been closed due to sustained winds from Hurricane Dorian in excess of 34 knots, Sept 5. The base is in Hurricane Condition 1.

HURCON 1 is declared when the forecast calls for the arrival of a tropical storm with 50-knot (58 mph) sustained winds or greater within 12 hours.

The current track for Hurricane Dorian is expected to bring the storm close to JB Charleston, with largest effect expected the morning of Sept. 5.

A limited evacuation order was given Sept. 2, by Col. Terrence Adams, 628th Air Base Wing and JB Charleston commander, which authorized the evacuation of military personnel, Defense Department civilians and families within designated zones. A return time for military members and dependents has not yet been determined. Evacuees are ordered to not return until notified by their chain of command. Personnel are urged to monitor local news stations and emergency broadcasts for critical information on Hurricane Dorian. While the current track projects the storm will pass along the coast of South Carolina, the hurricane can shift and threaten zones which were previously considered safe.

After the storm, the JB Charleston commander will issue an order to recall only those personnel specifically assigned to recovery teams. Those teams will work to ensure base facilities, infrastructure and homes are safe for the return of the entire team. Once deemed safe, the JB Charleston commander will issue an order authorizing the return of all service members, national security professionals and families. Guidance will be provided on filing travel vouchers after personnel return to the base.

All Air Force personnel are reminded to update their personal information at the Air Force Personnel Accountability and assessment System at https://afpaas.af.mil

For up to date hurricane condition information, service members and base residents can go to https://www.facebook.com/TeamCharleston/ or http://www.jbcharleston.jb.mil/.