Air Force releases findings of civil airport, aircrew lodging policy review

  • Published
  • Secretary of the Air Force Public Affairs

The secretary and chief of staff of the Air Force-directed review of Air Mobility Command’s compliance with existing Defense Department-wide guidance and policies for using civil airports and aircrew lodging concluded that all policies and procedures were properly applied and followed.

The Air Force inspector general also reviewed the report and its conclusions.

The review, led by AMC’s deputy commander, focused on existing guidance and policies and how they are applied. Specifically, the review looked at aircrew lodging, the associated processes and procedures and the application of those policies to the use of civil airports and the advisability and appropriateness of use of commercial lodging facilities.

The findings of the review confirm the necessity of ensuring civil airports remain available alternatives to augment military airfields, given the capability and access they offer AMC aircraft and aircrew operating across the globe.

In addition, the review found that existing guidance related to selection of civil airfields for military use and lodging of aircrews while transiting those airfields, along with the processes used to apply that guidance, are sufficient.

AMC also concluded that, while overall application of these directives was prudent and consistent across a range of missions and users, educating aircrew on applicable regulations is a continuous process, and AMC can improve how it educates aircrew on travel regulations by incorporating lessons and discussion items into its aircraft commander training.

To view the report, please click the link, select “reports” and enter “Air Mobility Command” to download the document:

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