20E5/E6 promotion timeline update

  • Published
  • By Staff Sgt. Sahara L. Fales
  • Air Force’s Personnel Center Public Affairs

To help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep Airmen safe, 20E5 and 20E6 promotion testing was previously suspended and resumed when deemed safe by installation commanders.

Although most testing centers have resumed operations, social distancing precautions have significantly impacted the number of Airmen able to test per session. As of June 30, only 32% of 20E5 eligible Airmen have tested. Therefore, the Air Force’s Personnel Center is extending the promotion testing window for the 20E5 cycle to Aug. 28, to allow as many Airmen as possible to meet the in-cycle promotion release with their peers.

AFPC will remain flexible to changing conditions and will re-adjust timelines if required to ensure the safety of Airmen.

Currently, there is only a one-month delay from the pre-COVID timeline. Information regarding each cycle is listed below:


  • Testing Window: May 11 – July 31
  • File Freeze: July 31
  • Estimated Release: Mid-to-late August
  • Increments will begin Sept. 1. (those with a date of rank of Aug. 1 will be retroactively applied with backdated pay)


  • Testing Window: May 11 – Aug. 28
  • File Freeze: TBD
  • Estimated Release: Mid-to-late September
  • Increments will begin Oct. 1 (those with a date of rank of Sept. 1 will be retroactively applied with backdated pay)
  • For additional information, please visit myPers.