Air Force Trials 2021: A Virtual Experience

  • Published
  • By Shannon Hall
  • Air Force Wounded Warrior Program

The anticipation for how Air Force Trials 2021 will be conducted can now cease. After much consideration, deliberation, and cross talk between multiple organizations, the decision has been made to have the 7th Annual Air Force Trials go fully virtual. Although this is not what many of our athletes wanted, it is currently the safest option and will still be an amazing competition.

“The virtual event will be different in several ways. The biggest is not being in-person and competing next to your fellow warrior,” said Derrick Lepper, AFW2 Adaptive Sports Program manager. “We will take into consideration the level of interaction warriors have with coaches via distance and virtual training, correspondence with coaches outside the virtual training and providing training logs on what they are doing to workout and train. AFW2 will do everything in our power to make a virtual event fun and rewarding.”

Air Force Trials is an adaptive multiple sport competition open for all wounded warriors enrolled in the AFW2 Program and will take place April 9-17, 2021, with the actual competitions occurring between April 12-16. Although it is still around four months away, now is the time for athletes to begin training.

“Warriors should start to train now for Air Force trials and be focusing on 3-4 sports they think they can do well in, train in consistently and love to play,” said Kallie Quinn, Adaptive Sports Competitions and Operations coordinator. “Warriors should be including our AFW2 virtual sport training each week into their training plan and taking advantage of the virtual competitions over the next few months to give them short term goals and help gauge their progress.”

We know many of our warriors are ready to get out and get back to the normal of in-person events, but AFW2 is doing all they can to ensure everyone stays connected and at the top of their game in this virtual world. If you aren’t already, please follow the AFW2 All Sport Training Facebook page. Updates and information on the Air Force Trials will be sent out through email, updated on the website and on social media platforms.

“Warriors following our coaches' training and advice will be best prepared for Air Force Trials,” said Consuella Moore, High Performance Team and Track coach. “Remember, Trials is about doing your personal best, control what you can control and focus on your best effort.”

Be sure to visit the AFW2 social media pages to tune into the virtual social events hosted by staff and warriors. To learn more about the AFW2 Program, or to refer an Airman, visit for additional information and resources.

(Editor's Note: You can download and read the full memo here.)