Emerald Warrior 22 prepares air commandos for strategic competition

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  • Air Force Special Operations Command Public Affairs

Air Force Special Operations Command is hosting the 15th annual Emerald Warrior exercise at multiple locations across the Southeast U.S., from Hurlburt Field, April 25-May 15. The combined exercise provides realistic and relevant training to prepare special operations forces, conventional forces and international partners for operations in the evolving strategic environment.

Emerald Warrior applies lessons learned from real-world operations to provide trained and ready forces to the joint force, while also focusing on security priorities laid out in the AFSOC Strategic Guidance, and nested and relevant national-level strategy. 

It hones the skills of participating units and is an opportunity to test future concepts. In line with AFSOC’s Strategic Guidance, the exercise fuels on-going innovation and experimentation efforts within the command.

Additionally, Emerald Warrior strengthens international cooperation by inviting partner-nations to participate in the exercise. This year’s foreign partners are from the Czech Republic.

Emerald Warrior is not in response to any specific event and is a regularly-scheduled exercise. Exercises like Emerald Warrior are necessary to rehearse U.S., allied and partner abilities to deploy and conduct operations under challenging conditions. These exercises help our forces to prepare for mission requirements.

Residents near training locations may experience increased military activity in their area. All training occurs at designated sites, previously coordinated with local authorities.