Aim High application gets updated feature to help any Airman become a recruiter

  • Published
  • By Leslie Brown
  • Air Force Recruiting Service Public Affairs

Air Force Recruiting Service’s Aim High application has a new update that will interest Airmen around the Total Force. 
The app, originally launched in June 2020, became a valuable recruiting tool during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic helping recruiters connect with potential applicants in a virtual environment. But with continual improvements, now the app has a feature that will help all Airmen, or any of the app’s more than 270,000 users, to become a recruiter of sorts for the Air Force, Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve. 

“The new feature allows anyone who has the app to play an important role in filling the uniformed vacancies in our force,” said Capt. Michael Bambarger, the Aim High app functional manager. “No longer does a military member approached in public have to refer someone to the local recruiting office, or a friend or family member have to convince someone they know who's interested in joining the military to seek out a recruiter.” 
The app update, which was pushed Jan. 10, allows any app user to assist in the Air Force’s recruiting efforts. 
“Users now have the ability to send that individual’s information directly to the Lead Refinement Center in San Antonio, where it in-turn will be sent back to the local recruiter in the area of initial request,” Bambarger said. “Anyone interested simply needs to go to their mobile device app store, and search "Aim High" and download the app. App users can send a referral on behalf of any interested party.” 
In the “more” tab dropdown menu, users can click “refer a friend” to get the Refer a Friend Form that asks for name, email, phone number, zip code and advanced interest (optional). 
AFRS hopes all Airmen will consider sharing the app while attending outreach events. For example, Airmen who are approved for the We Are All Recruiters program can use the app at the events they attend and have a direct positive influence on recruiting no matter their geographical location. 
The Aim High app was developed to inspire users through a variety of unique experiences, attracting the most talented individuals and educating them on Air Force career opportunities. Users can participate in events, share content, and invite family and friends to follow their initial training experience. 
U.S. Space Force career content will be integrated into the Aim High app soon. In the meantime, hopeful Guardians can use the app to connect to a recruiter, learn about the requirements to join and get an idea of what they can expect at basic military training. 
The Aim High app can be downloaded on Android or iOS.