Developmental Special Experiences opportunities available for MEPCOM, AFWERX, civilian career broadeners

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  • Headquarters Air Education and Training Command

Developmental Special Experiences provide Air and Space professionals more than just education and training opportunities, they help the service build the Airmen needed for the future high-end fight.

The DSEs, cataloged by Air Education and Training Command’s Force Development Credentialing Division’s DSE branch, are hands-on experiences outside of formal training, established recurring opportunities, a means to gain and increase competencies and duties typically external to primary AFSCs or job series.

The following DSEs are highlighted this quarter:

Officer: MEPCOM Director of Operations (DSE0365)

This DSE allows officers to integrate with the DoD accessions triad (Recruit-Assess-Train). Officers will enhance their understanding of personnel oversight, mission autonomy, and resource management within a joint environment. This broadening assignment will also challenge an officer's ability to effectively communicate, demonstrate accountability, show initiative, invoke teamwork, foster innovation, influence teams and outcomes, and demonstrate leadership in a seclusive environment.

The tour will not exceed two years. Officers will return to their core Air Force specialty code upon completion of the broadening assignment. Open to U.S. Space Force Guardians.

Enlisted: AFWERX Spark Coordinators (DSE0246)

This is a 12 to 24-month Developmental Special Experience for active-duty personnel; applicants must have retainability and time-on-station to allow for the commitment. Qualified candidates must demonstrate vision, passion and initiative and have the ability to thrive in uncertain, evolving, or ambiguous conditions. Candidates should have a minimum of 1 year of Spark Cell leadership experience/other innovation network experience or must have participated in one of the following programs (Design Warfare, AFWERX Fellowship, Defense Ventures Fellowship). Candidates must be highly skilled verbal and written communicators and fluent in digital communications tools.

Are you interested in broadening your perspectives and having a profound impact on the Department of the Air Force innovation ecosystem? This is your opportunity to be on the forefront of change and to bring more Airman and Guardian ideas to the fight. We are staffing a program that is focused on connecting and supporting Spark Cells at scale. This position is not within a specific Spark cell, but you will work with many in this role; you will also interact with several DoD innovation and partner organizations. Open to Space Force Guardians.

Civilian: Career Broadener (DSE0089)

Career Broadening is a formal leadership development program allowing mid-level DAF civilians an opportunity to broaden their functional knowledge base by providing experiential assignments in a new environment. These positions are centrally funded. A signed mobility agreement and formal Individual Development Plan are required.

For some positions, apply through Candidate may need to submit resume through MyVector for Development Team process review. Please contact your Career Field Team for information on available and upcoming positions, locations and application process.

See the DSE0089 in the DSE Catalog to contact the point of contact for each career broadener experience. Open to Space Force Guardians.

Each listing in the Catalog is owned and managed by the POC's organization. The DSE lists detailed information on the prerequisites, description of the DSE, and the application process. If you have further questions, please contact the POC listed in the DSE.

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