Air Force releases latest field grade officer promotions

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  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs

The Air Force selected 1,366 active-duty majors for promotion to lieutenant colonel during recent CY24A central selection boards (LAF-A/C/F/I/N/X, NC and MSC).

Lieutenant Colonel (P0524A) selection statistics:
• LAF-Air Operations and Special Warfare: 547 selected out of 1,145 considered.
• LAF-Combat Support: 280 selected out of 472 considered.
• LAF-Force Modernization: 123 selected out of 276 considered.
• LAF-Information Warfare: 231 selected out of 453 considered.
• LAF-Nuclear and Missile Operations: 29 selected out of 73 considered.
• LAF-Cross Functional Operations: 47 selected out of 75 considered.
• Nurse Corps (NC): 71 selected out of 175 considered.
• Medical Service Corps (MSC): 38 selected out of 56 considered.

The complete list of Airmen selected for promotion is available online by visiting Air Force Personnel Center Officer Promotion website.

For more information about Air Force personnel programs, visit the AFPC public website.