AF names DOD leadership program participants

  • Published
  • By Debbie Gildea
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
Six officers have been selected for the Department of Defense Executive Leadership Development Program, Air Force Personnel Center officials said.

This program is designed specifically for highly-motivated, active-duty officers who have demonstrated outstanding leadership ability, commitment to public service and integrity, and who have an interest in moving into senior management positions, said Tech. Sgt. Jason Franklin with AFPC's officer developmental education office.

Selectees are Majs. Sharon T. Cortney, Air Education and Training Command; Scott Brandimore, Air Force Intelligence Surveillance and Reconnaissance Agency; and Matthew Dibble and Jeffrey James Pederson, Air Mobility Command, and Capts. Ian Slazinik and Christopher Uhland, also with AMC. 

Participants will function in a simulated environment where they will focus on real-life situations that involve short deadlines and require thoughtful decision-making, Franklin said.

The intent of the ELDP is to provide a new approach to training civilian employees by including military participants and interagency partners that parallel certain aspects of selected military training. 

"Military participants contribute a vital perspective on military missions, operations and culture, and these shared experiences enrich military and civilian participants," said Franklin.

Military course participants will remain in their current positions during the program, with the exception of 95 days throughout the year, when they will participate in intensive training, briefings and educational trips.

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