187 selected for captain

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The 2013D Chaplains, Line of the Air Force Judge Advocate General Corps, Nurse Corps, Medical Service Corps and Biomedical Sciences Corps quarterly captain selection process, conducted in September, resulted in selection of 187 out of 188 eligible first lieutenants for promotion to captain.

To see the list of selectees, go to the Air Force Portal and select the promotion link, or go to myPers and enter "captain promotions" in the search window.

All selectees were in the promotion zone.

Statistics follow:
Chaplains - 0 selected from 0 considered
Line of the Air Force-J - 5 selected from 5 considered
Nurse Corps - 130 selected from 131 considered
Medical Service Corps - 5 selected from 5 considered
Biomedical Sciences Corps - 47 selected from 47 considered

(Courtesy of Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs)