Chief nurse statements of intent due April 25

  • Published
  • By Debbie Gildea
  • Air Force Personnel Center Public Affairs
Statements of intent for Nurse Corps officers interested in chief nurse positions are due by April 25, Air Force Personnel Center officials said April 21.

The nurse corps development team will convene May 5-9 to select candidates for the projected calendar year 2015 openings.

"There are 86 chief nurses, one in each facility, as well as in the Aeromedical Evacuation Squadrons, but not all will turn over this summer," said Col. Beverly Johnson, the nurse utilization and education branch chief. "We expect to fill about 13 to 15 positions from this year's candidate list."

Sitting chief nurses must apply if they want to be reassigned to a CN position, Johnson said. In addition applicants who submit statements of intent, or SOI, for the 2015 medical squadron candidate board will not be automatically considered by the chief nurse board.

"Candidates must submit an SOI to the chief nurse selection board if they wish to be considered for chief nurse," Johnson said. "All candidates must meet 2015 eligibility criteria, as well, including sitting chief nurses."

Applicants must be lieutenant colonels or lieutenant colonel-selects with a master's degree and a passing fitness test score, Johnson said. In addition, they should have leadership experience above the element level. A national nursing administration certification is preferred. Those who have not completed senior developmental education commensurate with their grade must include on the SOI the dates they enrolled and their progress toward completion.

Endorsed applications must reach AFPC by April 25. For complete nomination instructions and additional eligibility criteria, go to the Air Force Medical Service nurse utilization page at, or go to myPers at, select "search all components" in the drop down menu, enter "chief nurse" in the search window, and select PSDM 14-35.