National Day of Action calls America to prepare and be ready

  • Published
  • By Vincent Rienzi
  • Readiness and Emergency Management division
What if there were only one day to prepare every Airman, their families and local communities?

The Federal Emergency Management Agency is sponsoring the first National Day of Action April 30. This Prepare-A-Thon is a nationwide campaign for action to increase emergency preparedness and resiliency. The focus revolves around taking actions to prepare for four specific hazards: tornadoes, wildfires, floods and hurricanes. For more information and to register, visit the America’s Prepare-A-Thon website.

The Air Force Emergency Management Program also provides information on being ready and prepared. The AFEM website provides print-ready preparedness handouts, disaster and emergency guides and educational activity sheets for kids. The Air Force Be Ready application is available for certain smartphones. This App offers the user (military, civilians, contractors and family members) key resources and personalized selections needed for a disaster/hazard emergency. For more information, visit the AFM website at